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Who We Are

Mrs. Maritza Aiello is our head care provider with over 15 years of childcare experience in both Montessori schools as well as working as a nanny. She now wants to share her knowledge and experience with your children to help them grow within her facility. We are offering a safe and fun space for children to learn, grow, and develop life skills they will be able to take with them once they move on from our program.

We have created an educational program that includes Spanish learning that works for the children in our facility. They can use their imagination and learn at the same time while learning how to say please and thank in another language. 

Our program is light and fun but effective in getting them ready for the next stages in life and we are here to help.  A structured routine is what helps them get there and it's what we provide as well as a bundle of nurturing and love. 

All our staff has gone through background checks, is fully trained in CPR and child safety and is fully vaccinated. 


  Athens  Street

San  Francisco,  CA  94112


7:00 AM - 5:30 PM 

Monday - Friday


Boris Guardado  at


License # 384-002-769

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